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About GeoMax

GeoMax is an internationally active company developing, manufacturing and distributing quality surveying instruments. GeoMax provides a comprehensive portfolio of integrated instruments for the surveying, mapping and construction industries. Both occasional and professional users are addressed with GeoMax’s easy-to-use, yet highly productive, range of Total Stations, GPS, Lasers, Optical and Digital Levels.

GeoMax is part of the Hexagon Group, Sweden, a global technology group with strong market positions within measurement technologies. Hexagon is the world leader in multidimensional measurements within the macro and micro segments of the measurement and positioning market. The famous international companies within the Hexagon Group deliver since decades precision products and solutions to the measurement industry. This technology is supported by a comprehensive sales and service network covering all continents with over 100 branches.

GeoMax Products

16 Products Found
GeoMax ZAL 100 Series
A series of user-friendly Automatic Levels.
GeoMax ZAL300 Series
Get all your tasks done with GeoMax’s level flagship.
GeoMax Zipp 02 Digital Theodolite
For all general construction tasks requiring accurate angle measurement.
GeoMax Zoom 20 Pro
The GeoMax Zoom 20 Pro Total Station 400m Reflector-less
GeoMax Zoom 30 Pro
The GeoMax Zoom 30 Pro Total Station 600m Reflector-less
GeoMax Zoom 35 Pro
The GeoMax Zoom 35 Pro Total Station 1000m Reflector-less
Geomax Zoom 80R Robotic Total Station
Geomax Zoom 80 Robotic Total Station with Scout 360 Search 1000m Reflectorless - Price on Application
Geomax Zoom 90R A5 Robotic Total Station
Geomax Zoom 90 Robotic Total Station with Scout 360 Search Up to 1000m Reflectorless - Price on Application
Geomax Zoom 90S Servo Total Station
Geomax Zoom 90 Servo Total Station Up to 1000m Reflectorless - Price on Application
GeoMax ZPR100
Circular prism with red holder. (Shown with ZTP100)
GeoMax ZCA100 GPS Carrier
Tribrach carrier with screw for GNSS antennas.
GeoMax ZCA101 Stub Carrier
Tribrach carrier with stub for prisms.
GeoMax ZCA102 Reflector Carrier
Refector carrier with plate level and optical plummet.
ZTP100 Target Plate
Target plate for precise aiming
GeoMax ZAL 200 Series
Intensify your performance and get error-free results at the best price-to-performance ratio.