UT30 8" Industrial Grade Rugged Android Tablet
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UT30 8" Industrial Grade Rugged Android Tablet
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Years of industry persistence, we continue to explore technological innovation to bring convenience to industry users. The application of the full constellation satellite system chip, the faster Snapdragon 8-core processor, 32GB large-capacity flash memory and electromagnetic screen.
  • Electromagnetic screen, precise touch - With an 8-inch electromagnetic touch screen, you can use the U-Pen stylus to accurately click and select on the screen, and easily complete the sketching operation, you can also use U-Pen for manual recording of memo record and photo editing.
  • USB Type-C - The device adopts USB Type-C interface design, the interface is symmetrical on both sides and supports plug and deplug in both directions. The service life of the interface can reach 10,000 times, which is twice that of the ordinary USB port. The supporting data cables are also specially reinforced to ensure the durability of the product.
  • Full constellation satellite signal reception, high precision - The professional-grade positioning module supports BDS, GPS, GLONASS constellation satellite system reception, and supports GNSS ground-based augmentation system reception, the differential positioning accuracy is up to sub-meter level.
  • Fast charging technology - Support Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging technology to quickly charge the battery.
  • Full Netcom, through the world - Thanks to Qualcomm's industry-leading baseband signal processing technology, a network antenna supporting global frequency bands has been designed to enable the UT30 to use 4G worldwide.
  • 8200mAh Removable battery, long battery life - The 8200mAh large-capacity removable polymer battery ensures the working intensity of field workers for one day.
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