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19 April 2018 - 5 Year Warranty on Premium Laser Products
With the extreme confidence in our products quality and reliability, we are excited to announce the increased warranty for our Premium rotating lasers, as well as our Zeta pipe lasers.

The Premium models with 5 years warranty are:
Zone40 H
Zone60 DG
Zone70 DG
Zeta 125
Zeta 125s

“Because you have enough battles to fight… Fight one less with the Warriors Premium Warranty.”

Our other rotating lasers (Zone20H, Zone20HV and Zone60HG) will remain with the 3 year warranty, with the option to extend another 2 years.
23 November 2016 - Introducing Geomax Zenith 35 Pro Tilt Go GPS
We are pleased to announce the GeoMax Zenith35 Pro – the new GNSS receiver. The compact and fully ruggedised Zenith35 Pro with its 555 channels multi-constellation and multi-frequency capability supports all satellite systems today and in the future.

The Zenith35 Pro TAG incorporates the unique ‘Tilt&Go’ functionality that allows you to measure inaccessible points. This significantly increases efficiency in the field, since levelling time is eliminated and it elevates data quality to the next level. Tilt and compass values to each measurement are stored for quality control and documentation purposes.

For more information see: Zenith 35 Pro
October 2016 - Introducing X-pad Version 3
Introducing X•PAD 3.0, the latest version of field software available for Android devices and for Windows Mobile platform. It includes X•PAD Survey for Windows™, for Android™, and for the Construc-tion version of Android™. Various parts of the new version has been completely redesigned, and while maintaining its well-known appearance and product value, there are now significant feature enhancements and innovations as better integration between the supported instruments (GPS and TPS).

For more information see:
10 May 2016 - A1 Survey proud to sponsor Gavin Thomas in his quest to raise the profile of his sport - IBJJ and his recent visits to European Championships.
Gavin returns from a number of International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu European Championships with a cluster of medals to ensure he continues to climb the world rankings, presently ranked No. 117 in the world at his beltweightage and currently No. 3 in the UK. We wish him luck in his future competitions and also for his own BJJ youngsters and students he helps to train to follow in his footsteps.
03 March 2016 - New GeoMax Zenith 35 TAG GNSS Receiver
GeoMax releases a new model of Zenith 35 GNSS series. Incorporating the unique Tilt & Go functionality, the Zenith 35 TAG allows measuring inaccessible points and storing tilt values to each measurement for quality control and documentation purposes.

Inaccessible points with a vertical pole, like corners, walls, lamp posts or gullies under parked vehicles can simply be measured with the Tilt & Go functionality. Different to systems incorporating magnetic compass based methods, Tilt & Go can be used next to metal objects such as lamp poles or power masts or directly under electric power lines.

Add extra comfort and flexibility avoiding switching between the analogue pole bubble and the display, Zenith35 comes with an electronic bubble that displays in the field software and improves centring accuracy vastly.
22 January 2016 - New GeoMax Zoom90 Robotic Total Station
GeoMax releases Zoom90 Robotic Total Station Series, its new flagship among the total stations.

Dramatically minimise the time of any survey task and boost your performance and accuracy to the maximum. Zoom90 is the ultimate one-man system with up to 20% more automation performance, extended reflectorless measurement capability, STReAM360, accXess technologies and Windows CE open connectivity.

Because a perfect solution is more than its single components, the Zoom90 seamless integration makes it the ultimate solution.
15 January 2016 - New GeoMax Zone Series Lasers
GeoMax releases the Zone Laser Rotator Series. The new and powerful GeoMax Zone laser rotator portfolio offers the right construction tools for all trades and applications.

Regardless if you’re just starting in the industry dealing with the fundamentals or you’re a seasoned professional handling complicated applications, GeoMax laser rotators are ready to work wherever you are.

Solid-built and dependable in any element, these lasers have long-lasting operation from multiple charging options, the flexibility of a full range of interchangeable accessories to accommodate your unique work preference, and all at the best price-to-performance ratio.
27 November 2015 - New GeoMax Zoom3D Micro Robotic Solution
GeoMax releases the Zoom3D Series, easy-to-use and fast 3D measuring instruments, ideal for indoor as well as outdoor applications.

With very simple configuration and equipped with an auto levelling feature, the Zoom3D is a plug-and-play solution that speeds up the daily tasks. Its user-friendly onboard software helps with a wide range of indoor applications such as measuring, setting out or plumbing points. Levelling can now be completed with greater ease and speed, then exported in most common file formats.

For outdoor tasks, the Micro Robotic Solution is equipped with target recognition technology that automatically and easily centres and follows the target, allowing surveys and stakeouts in small construction sites.
26 November 2015 - New GeoMax Zenith35 GNSS Receiver
GeoMax releases Zenith35, the new GeoMax GNSS receiver. Compact and fully rugged, Zenith35 supports the full spectrum of satellite signals and is equipped with DynDNS technology, guarantying remote access and configuration from any internet browser, independent of your location. In addition, DynDNS allows you to connect up to 10 rovers simultaneously via TCP/IP. Once connected and working either under heavy canopy or when the most accurate result is required, its unique ExtraSafe mode will adapt to your different working conditions.
9 November 2015 - New GeoMax Zeta 125 Pipe Laser Series
Small Diameter
GeoMax releases the Zeta125 pipe laser series, professional tools for pipe laying and trenching applications. Equipped with a full set of features and accessories and a tough design, Zeta125 and Zeta125s fit all needs, getting an error-free job done, no matter what the situation or the environmental conditions might be.

The Zeta125 series are built to fit in tight bends and narrow manholes. Its slim build makes it suitable for pipes with 125 mm (5”) diameter and the Zeta feet ensure users continue working in any site situation.
16 March 2015 - GeoMax releases Zenith04 GIS handheld and datalogger
As standalone handheld GPS device for all GIS applications or as data logger for GNSS devices and total stations, Zenith04 is the equipment choice when price-to-performance counts.
Fully featured, full flexibility
At GeoMax we belief that entry level and fully featured is no contradiction. Therefore, we have equipped Zenith04 with all the features you can ask for: 50 channels, quad-band GSM/GPRS, WiFi, Bluetooth®, 5MP camera, compass, barometric altimeter, gravity sensor, full numeric keyboard and much more.

Its full set of communications and features is complemented with the flexibility and simplicity of running all your applications on Windows Mobile® and using Office Mobile for your daily work. Whether you use the ergonomic Zenith04, with its built-in high sensitive GPS, for your GIS applications or as a datalogger simply combined via Bluetooth® to your GNSS antenna and total station, it grants you full flexibility in all the tasks you need to get your job done, it “works when you do.”
18 December 2014 - GeoMax GNSS Measurement Engine wins AME Award
NovAtel Inc. designs and manufactures high precision, OEM, global positioning products, including the measurement engine used in GeoMax GNSS receivers.

The AME Manufacturing Excellence Award honours North American facilities that demonstrate excellence in manufacturing and in business. The 2014 Award recognises NovAtel’s dedication to continuous improvement, best practice, creativity and innovation.
17 October 2014 - New GeoMax Grade Laser Series - Zone50 FA and Zone50 A
Offering a compelling price-to-performance ratio, the Zone50 Series comprises an entry level automatic grade and levelling package, through to a remote controlled, fully automatic and extended grading product.

Accurate, robust and reliable
Zone50 FA, a robust, fully automatic dual grade laser uses a smart check and readjust function on the defined grade, to deliver the highest accuracy at all times. The Zone50 FAR package includes an RC remote allowing direct control of the laser within 100m of the jobsite.

Zone50 A is an equally robust automatic laser with grade capability and a 300m laser radius. The Zone50 AR package also includes a useful RC remote for additional onsite flexibility.

With their tough aluminium housing and IP class 67 dust and waterproof rating, both products in the new Zone50 Series are built to withstand challenging site conditions and to “work when you do”.
10th October 2014 - GeoMax Zipp20 - Open Windows CE® Total Station Series
The new Zipp20 is the first Total Station available from GeoMax using the open Windows CE operating system that allows users the possibility of customising the Total Station with a selection of field software to best fit their needs.

Totally flexible
Equipped with the latest Bluetooth® technology and USB interfaces, the Zipp20 provides users with highest communication ?exibility. The integrated Bluetooth allows connection to any tablet or data logger and transferring data and files is quickly and easily accomplished via a removable USB memory stick. And with long-range non-prism measuring, the Zipp20 can measure any surface, enabling even greater flexibility for users because they can safely measure inaccessible points.

The GeoMax Zipp20 also comes with an extra-large, high resolution QVG colour-touch display offering excellent readability under most any conditions.

The Zipp20 Total Station will “work when you do”.
7th November 2013 - World First Solution for Android & Tablets
As a surprising worldwide innovation an Android based application of XPad surveying software impressed the visitors at Intergeo. For the first time simple devices such as tablets or even mobile phones can be used to control surveying tasks. This is again a further step to underline the idea of “works when you do”, which powers GeoMax customers.

For more details take a closer look: GeoMax X-Pad for Android
1st October 2013 - New Distributorship as A1 Survey strengthens their Product Line
At InterGeo 2013, A1 Survey Ltd became an authorised distributor of the GeoMax range of products. GeoMax, along with Leica Geosystems are part of the Hexagon Group, and this gives our company a comprehensive range of equipment that enables us to provide our customers with the complete solution.