LSS Vista
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The ideal solution for most users processing and preparing surveys and designs.
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The ideal solution for most users processing and preparing surveys and designs. It contains everything in LSS Solo, but adds volume calculations, plan and section plotting, import of DXF files, export to Machine Control and enhanced CAD-Pro commands.

LSS Vista is very often the entry-level product for Engineers and Surveyors who require more than a survey processing and terrain modelling system. The list of major functions is below, but if you're still unsure whether it's right for you then please call us.

Each dongle allows one user access to the software at a time. The software can be installed on as many computers as you require. Simply move the dongle around, or 'share' it across your network. If more than one person needs access at the same time, then why not purchase additional dongles, or save money and order a multiple-user dongle.

All prices are for a 12 month licence and include technical support and software updates.

Everything in LSS Solo, plus the following facilities:

  • Plotting of plans via most plotters and ANY Windows-compatible printer including the ability to overplot more than one survey (e.g. for detail not in the DTM such as services or 2D map information) and plotting hatching and shading for surface codes
  • Enhanced application of text and surface features
  • Input of data from other systems, such as DXF for AutoCAD™
  • Interrogate and import from MX (MOSS) Model files (in addition to GENIO in Solo)
  • Export ESRI ASCII Grid format (in addition to import of this format in Solo)
  • Export to selected GPS Machine Guidance and Machine Control Systems
  • Cut and paste DTM models
  • Design of parallel offset features
  • Query maximum, minimum and total lengths of selected linear features.
  • Conversion of Ordnance Survey MasterMap (GML).
  • Three dimensional views and realtime fly-bys (virtual tours). Textures may be applied to the DTM in order to represent different materials or zones and images applied to point and link features to represent such things as trees, hedges, walls, fences and buildings
  • Raster maps and aerial orthophotos may also be draped onto the DTM with the minimum of user intervention and the combined model flown or walked through in real time with joystick, gamepad or keyboard control of 3D virtual tours
  • Display up to seven DTMs in the same 3D view simultaneously, with full control over transparency
  • Animated water 'flood' level facility within the 3D view and virtual tour
  • Calculation of volumes between two surveys, broken down by surface feature if required, using cross sections or highly accurate complex triangular vertical prisms
  • Volumes can take into account formation level information such as concrete slab thickness or road construction depths
  • Calculation of areas and volumes to a datum, as defined by surface features if required
  • Plotting of sections through up to 50 DTMs simultaneously to any Windows-compatible printer or plotter or DXF file
  • Reporting and export of section data
  • Digitising of plans via a tablet, including the ability to 'stream' and condition contour data
  • Design of variable offset features
  • Determination of Ponding Extents for the analysis of ponded water

Cost of 12 month licence (inc. technical support and software updates) £500 plus VAT
There is NO up-front purchase price.

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