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Cable Detection

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About Cable Detection Ltd

Cable Detection Ltd is a Hexagon company. Manufacturing and servicing buried service location equipment is their sole focus. Using their in house expertise they are pushing the boundaries of the buried service location sector and discovering new ways to improve on traditional methods of underground data capture.

Cable Detection, located in Staffordshire (UK) has a customer base stretching right around the world. Ours and their customers believe that we should let technology help us to reduce the risk of human error on-site by allowing advances in technology drive the products available to them.

Cable Detection Products

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Dual Frequency 38mm Sonde (8 & 33kHz)
The Sonde is a compact dual frequency signal transmitter used to trace drains, sewers and other non conductive services. It can be attached to a range of equipment including drain rods, boring tools and inspection cameras.
Eazisystem Carry Bag

Carries the two main instruments of the EaziSystem (Eazicat & Eazitrace)

Ezicat i500 Locator
Engineered for ease of use - just pull the trigger and start locating utilities.
Ezicat i550 Locator
All the well known features of the EziCat i500, plus the added benefit of service depth indication.
EZICAT i600 Locator
An intelligent cable locator with data collection and wireless Bluetooth connectivity.
EziCat i650 Locator
All the well known features of the EziCat i600, plus the added benefit of service depth indication.
EziCat i700 Locator
An intelligent locator with integrated GPS technology, data collection and Bluetooth connectivity.
EziCat i750 Locator
All the features of the well-known EziCat i700, but with the added benefit of depth estimation.
EziRod 30M
30m Flexible Trace Rod with 12mm Sonde Attachment, for use with EziTrace \ Signal Generators
EZITex 100 Signal Generator
Delivers a significantly higher power output than previous transmitters, all in a more durable and compact box
i-Series LOGICAT Software
The LOGICAT Software enables users to collate data from individual locators, helping them record and analyse ground surveys which have taken place. The LOGICAT package consists of a Bluetooth Dongle, CD-ROM and User Guide Manual