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Distance Laser Measure inc. 3D

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Leica DISTO Laser Measure is the innovative laser measure range from Leica Geosystems. The Leica DISTO™ range is ideal for quick, easy and precise measurements of distances such as length and volumes with the press of a button, even in inaccessible places. The DISTO family will save valuable money and time as well as improve the accuracy of measurement on site. If you are looking for a laser measure that is highly accurate, has good range and high build quality then you will be sure to find the right device in the DISTO.

Along with the precision Zoom 3D Measuring system using the famous Swiss technolgy, we have all the products you require.

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Leica Disto Laser Measurer
The award winning Leica DISTO range is an innovative hand-held laser measure designed to provide fast and accurate distance measurements. The Leica DISTO range provides the highest quality, highest accuracy laser measuring instruments and featuring ground-breaking functions. There is no better range!
3D Laser Measuring Systems
Easy-to-use and fast 3D measuring instruments, the GeoMax systems are ideal for indoor as well as outdoor applications.