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Height Safety

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Our range of height safety kits are designed for multiple applications. Each kit contains an RGH2 harness, shock absorbing or restraint lanyard, and all the connectors you need to ensure safe working conditions at all times. As an optional extra, we also provide various storage options for your equipment, including a specially designed kit bag.

Height Safety Products

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RGHK5 MEWP - The MEWP Restraint Kit
RGHK1 Basic
RGHK1 Basic
RGHK2 Scaffolder
RGHK2 Scaffolder - The Scaffolder's Kit
RGHK11 BigGuy
RGHK11 BigGuy - The BigGuy Kit
RGHK4 Twin Leg Scaffolder
RGHK4 Twin Leg - The Twin Leg Scaffolder's Kit
RGHK12 BigGuy
RGHK12 BigGuy - The BigGuy Kit