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Laser Levels

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Whether it's general construction, pipe laying, machine control, or interior walls and ceilings, our lasers are built to handle any environment

Laser Levels Categories

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GeoMax Lasers
The new and powerful GeoMax Zone laser rotators portfolio offers the right construction tools for all trades and applications. Regardless if you’re just starting in the industry dealing with the fundamentals or you’re a seasoned professional handling complicated applications, GeoMax laser rotators are ready to work wherever you are.
Spectra Precision Lasers
Spectra Lasers supplies precision laser tools and solutions to the construction and surveying markets to enhance productivity.
Pipe Lasers
Pipelaying demands precision over long distances. Consistent precision and accuracy are ensured by the compact, robust and fully featured GeoMax pipe lasers.
Line & Point Lasers
With these products everything is plumb and perfectly aligned. They project lines or points to millimeter accuracy, leaving your hands free to  get on with the job. Making your work a lot easier!
Laser Accessories
Tested to meet the highest standards and expectations our accessories are the perfect complements to every levelling system. Whether tripods, poles, containers or the like, make sure that the reliability of your tools is supported by accessories that are just as reliable.
Add range and precision to your work. Increase your range in your work environment with the GeoMax remotes, a hands-off operation with all functionalities and enhance distances and all light conditions with the GeoMax receivers.