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A1 Survey offers accurate and maintenance free tribrachs and carriers.
The quality and precision of these accessories have a direct influence on the accuracy achieved by your total station.

Tribrachs & Adpaters

ZTP100 Target Plate

Target plate for precise aiming
£30.00 £35.00
(Inc £36.00)

GeoMax ZCA101 Stub Carrier

Tribrach carrier with stub for prisms.
(Inc £118.80)

Optical Carrier with Plummet

Leica Adapter Included
(Inc £178.80)

GeoMax ZPR100

Circular prism with red holder. (Shown with ZTP100)
(Inc £210.00)

GeoMax ZCA102 Reflector Carrier

Refector carrier with plate level and optical plummet.
£225.00 £380.00
(Inc £270.00)