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These data-loggers provide high performance in harsh conditions.
Based on an open platform, just use the software best able to meet your requirements and rely on the robustness and precision of the easy to use cost effective devices. 

Data Loggers

P811 Android Controller

The P8II is eSurvey's next-generation professional-grade GNSS handheld, including a high-sensitivity GPS antenna that performs well in challenging environments such as forests and urban areas.
£565.00 £695.00
(Inc £678.00)
P9IV Android GNSS Controller

P9IV Android GNSS Controller

The P9IV is a professional-grade 5" Screen Android 11 controller, with IP67 certification.
£795.00 £1095.00
(Inc £954.00)

UT12P 6" Rugged Android Controller

The UT12P is equipped with a 6-inch retina display and the 8-core 2.2GHz CPU, provides a new experience for the industry users, faster running speed, more memory, longer battery life and better operating system.
£821.25 £1095.00
(Inc £985.50)

UT32P 8" Rugged Android Tablet Controller

Years of industry persistence, we continue to explore technological innovation to bring convenience to industry users. The application of the full constellation satellite system chip, the faster Snapdragon 8-core processor, 32GB large-capacity flash memory and electromagnetic screen.
£896.25 £1195.00
(Inc £1075.50)