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With the Zoom Pro Series Geomax introduces a family of total stations enabling customers to choose the right instrument that meets the needs for their tasks. This new range of manual total stations provides many features designed for construction and surveying tasks at an unmatched price-to-performance ratio.

A variety of attractive and competitive models, as standard, the Zoom 35 Pro, the Zoom 50 and the Zoom 25 are equipped with advanced measurement technology including a simple to use onboard software with a complete set of field applications that support users to master a variety of their construction and surveying tasks with ease. Some of the Zoom Pro models also incorporate major improvements such as colour and touch screen, AccXess10 EDM technology and Nav-Light™ alignment aid.

Conventional Total Stations

total station waterproof cover

Total Station Waterproof Cover

Waterproof Cover for Robotic & Conventional Total Stations
(Inc £60.00)