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Delivers a significantly higher power output than previous transmitters, all in a more durable and compact box
(Inc VAT £690)
The Spectra Precision® LP30 and LP50 Laser Layout Tools are designed to handle a wide range of interior construction applications.
(Inc VAT £166.8)
Carries the two main instruments of the EaziSystem (Eazicat & Eazitrace)
(Inc VAT £78)
X-PAD SurveyWith X-PAD, productivity and flexibility in the field is assured due to an easy user interface and to highly innovative contents.
(Inc VAT £612)
Spectra LL100N Laser Package - All In One Case
(Inc VAT £594)
The Spectra Precision® LT20 Cross line Laser Tool is an automatic self-leveling laser tool that projects ultra bright horizontal and vertical lines.
(Inc VAT £178.8)
Rear D Rescue Harness
(Inc VAT £32.7)
The Sonde is a compact dual frequency signal transmitter used to trace drains, sewers and other non conductive services. It can be attached to a range of equipment including drain rods, boring tools and inspection cameras.
(Inc VAT £234)
Spectra Precision Laser LL300N
(Inc VAT £660)
Geomax Zoom 90 Robotic Total Station with Scout 360 SearchUp to 1000m Reflectorless
(Inc VAT £0)
RGH2 - Front & Rear D Harness
(Inc VAT £35.04)
With the GeoMax Zoom70 True One-man Total Station, you can significantly increase your efficiency.
(Inc VAT £0)
The Spectra Precision® LT52 is the Tool for All Trades. It eliminates the need for a contractor to purchase two tools by combining a 5 beam laser pointer with a horizontal and vertical cross line laser into one product.
(Inc VAT £366)
X-PAD for Android presents a new way of working, based on the most evolved and technologically advanced platform for mobile devices.
(Inc VAT £919.8)
Spectra Precision DG613 Pipe LaserCompact and Powerful, combines great performance with productivity.
(Inc VAT £2394)
Front & Rear D Rescue Harness with Rescue Point
(Inc VAT £43.38)
Spectra Precision Laser LL300S Rechargeable c\w Digital HL450 Detector
(Inc VAT £900)
The Spectra Precision® LT52G is the Tool for All Trades. Bright green beams are easy see on most interior job sites. The green lasers are up to four times more visible to the human eye than red lasers.
(Inc VAT £462)
RGH2 Big Guy - Front & Rear D Harness (Tested and approved for a user weight up to 150kg)
(Inc VAT £50.38)
Easy-To-Use, Full Featured Automatic Grade Lasers
(Inc VAT £2274)
The Spectra Precision® 1.3XL Multi-Purpose Cross Line Laser is an automatic self-leveling multi-purpose tool that can be used in a wide variety of interior and exterior construction applications.
(Inc VAT £406.8)
30m Flexible Trace Rod with 12mm Sonde Attachment, for use with EziTrace \ Signal Generators
(Inc VAT £546)
The universal laser can provide precise automatic alignments in all threes axis.
(Inc VAT £2994)
When accuracy is critical, the Pro Shot Alpha-v is the laser you can rely on.
(Inc VAT £2274)
Spectra Precision DG813 Pipe Laser
(Inc VAT £2820)
Target plate for precise aiming
(Inc VAT £30)
15m Wire Fall Arrest & Rescue Block
(Inc VAT £781.27)
Entry-level terrain modelling and survey processing application.
(Inc VAT £300)
Circular prism with red holder. (Shown with ZTP100)
(Inc VAT £150)
2.7m RGR1 Rescue Tripod Only
(Inc VAT £882.12)