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Ensure ultimate reliability with our GNSS systems even in challenging environments.  Providing true cost-effectiveness these systems are equipped with the latest GPS technology in the field helping you increase your productivity and taking your performance to a new level.
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Do you need accurate results without having to invest in expensive and complex equipment? GeoMax has a solution: the Zenith06 smart antenna with X-PAD field software
(Inc VAT £5994)
The Zenith16 GNSS receiver is a cost-effective investment that guarantees reliable results. In combination with GeoMax field controllers and the X-PAD software, the receiver reaches its full potential.
(Inc VAT £8394)
Thanks to Precise Point Positioning (PPP), the Zenith40 delivers high reliability, productivity and accuracy even in areas without an RTK connection. From:
(Inc VAT £9594)
The calibration-free tilt GNSS smart antenna for a productive, flexible and pleasant working experience with solid results.
(Inc VAT £11994)