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A1 Survey can provide a full range of surveying and engineering software solutions, that compliment our range of technical products, providing the complete package in house.  If you have a particular requirement, please contact us for more information and an unbiased opinion to find a solution that will meet your specific needs.


GeoMax X-Pad for Android

X-PAD for Android presents a new way of working, based on the most evolved and technologically advanced platform for mobile devices.
£922.50 £1230.00
(Inc £1107.00)

X-Pad Fusion Software

Multi Positioning Software from:
£1650.00 £2200.00
(Inc £1980.00)

3D Survey (Drone & DTM)

3Dsurvey is a software solution for land surveying data processing. Take a photo with any standard digital camera, import images into 3Dsurvey and produce your own orthophoto maps, digital surface models and calculate volumes faster and more easily.
(Inc £3600.00)

Surpad 4.2 for Android

Powerful mapping and surveying software for Android Controllers
(Inc £450.00)

Field Genius Android V2.0

Field Genius for Android Ver. 2.0
(Inc £1194.00)

LSS DTM Software

LSS is a complete land survey, terrain modelling, volume, design and visualisation package.
(Inc £300.00)

Premium Positioning RTK Network Correction Service

Affordable Real Time Accuracy when you need it
(Inc £1080.00)