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GeoMax levelling systems make it easy to complete your daily levelling tasks on time with the highest accuracy. Rely on their comfort and robustness when working indoor or outdoor, even under challenging weather conditions. Offering an outstanding price-quality ratio these systems provide you with quick and error-free results.

Select the right product for your needs:

• Automatic (Optical) Levels Professional optical levels are built for the construction site. They are quickly set up, very precise, and top every comparison of price to performance ratios.

• Digital & Electronic Levels Leica levels create a new standard for leveling at construction sites. They are easy to use, take measurements in double quick time and minimize human error, and the application programs on board further enhance leveling work.
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Leica NA300 Series of Automatic Levels
(Inc VAT £150)
Leica Precise NA2 Level
(Inc VAT £2514)
Leica NA500 Series Engineer Auto-levels
(Inc VAT £216)