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Drain Cameras
Drain Cameras
Drain Cameras
Moisture Meters
Moisture Meters
GE Protimeter are the market leaders in the development and manufacture of precision moisture meters detectors Founded in 1959 the Protimeter product
Metal Detectors
Metal Detectors
The CS880 Metal Cover Locator detects lost or hidden metal objects such as manhole covers and stopcock

Inspection & Test Equipment

vCamMX-2 Mini Camera System

vCamMX-2 Mini Camera System

The vCamMX-2 all-in-one mini inspection system gives you the flexibility to cover a range of inspections including indoor drain lines, residential plumbing, indoor commercial lines, and lateral lines up to four inches in diameter.
(Inc £0.00)

BW Alert Micro Clip

Multi Gas Detector
(Inc £414.00)

Protimeter Timbermaster BLD5609

Built in wood calibration scales - 150 Wood species
(Inc £282.00)

Laserliner Sound (Meter) Test Master

Noise Measuring Instrument with Long-term Data Storage
(Inc £238.80)

BW Quattro Gas Detector

Multi Gas Detector
(Inc £594.00)

Protimeter Aquant BLD5765

Non-invasive Moisture Meter
(Inc £297.60)

Protimeter Survey Master

Protimeter Dual-Function Moisture Meter
(Inc £480.00)


The CS880 Metal Cover Locator is a purpose-built solution to the problem of finding lost or hidden metal objects in the ground. The CS880 has been designed specifically for the exacting requirements of the water industry and the ground working contractor.
£165.00 £175.00
(Inc £198.00)

Thermal Camera Compact

Compact thermal imaging camera for applications in construction, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering
(Inc £1134.00)
VCamDrain System - Vivax

VCamDrain System - Vivax

vCamDrain featuring Wi-fi Control by App
£2400.00 RRP, was£2550.00
(Inc £2880.00)