EziDig Excavator System
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The new easy and accurate way to guide excavators
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The new easy and accurate way to guide excavators

Excavator work has always been based on either intuitive guesswork or by using costly and difficult-to-install-and-operate machine control systems. GeoMax EzDig is the alternative.

Operating an excavator has mainly been based on guesswork. Does this look like a 1:2 slope? Is the depth of this trench 1.5m deep or will I hit the pipeline at 2.5m? Even with the help of batter rails and reference pegs roughly providing guidance, the job still remained at best a good guess. Classic machine control systems are not an option because even if they provide you with all this information, they are expensive and time consuming to install and learn.

The new GeoMax EzDig S and T excavator guidance system offers the easiest calibration and equipment operation available on the market and at an affordable price. The EzDig excavator guidance systems work when you do!

  • No more overcutting, costly fill materials and rework
  • Eliminate checking and installation machine downtime
  • No more time consuming tape measurements Save fuel, time and material
  • Save fuel, time and material

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The new easy and accurate way to guide excavators
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