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The Protimeter Digital Mini can help building professionals - such as contractors, surveyors, home builders and architects - assess building moisture levels during new build and refurbishing activities. It helps you easily identify the extent of the moisture penetration, diagnose the cause of the problem and monitor changes in moisture level. Plus, the ability to add optional attachments and a patent pending reference mode enables you to compare your reading with a baseline measurement.

Applications of the Protimeter Digital Mini

Excessive moisture in buildings can lead to decay and deterioration of components and decorative finishes. Professionals involved with the identification, management and remedy of moisture need tools that help them to:

  • Identify the extent of the moisture penetration
  • Diagnose the cause of the problem
  • Monitor change in the moisture level

Protimeter moisture meters and hygrometers satisfy these requirements comprehensively. The Digital Mini is the preferred industry choice for surveying and investigating moisture in buildings.

Typical applications:

  • Building survey
  • Fire and flood restoration
  • Concrete surface measurement
  • Indoor air quality
  • Environmental health
  • Wooden sub-floor and hardwood flooring


  • Simple to use, one button operation
  • Durable and rugged design
  • Simple moisture readings
  • Color changing LEDs to show moisture condition

Reliable Moisture Measurement

This reliable moisture meter has a pin type measurement function and shows results on the large digital display as well as the easy to interpret color LED display. The instrument has an auxiliary port for optional moisture probes.

Measure Mode Pin-Type

Pin mode is used to measure the moisture level at the surface. Sub-surface measurements can be obtained by using the Digital Mini with optional probes, such as the Hammer Electrode for wood, Deep Wall Probes for solid walls and the EIFS probe for exterior insulation and finishing systems. Measure mode readings are precise and specific to the contact area of the electrodes that are used.

The Digital Mini is calibrated for wood, so displays the actual percent moisture content when used on wood. When used to measure the moisture level of materials other than wood, such as plaster or masonry, the instrument displays the Wood Moisture Equivalent (WME) value of the material. The colour coded LEDs are synchronised with the digital display to provide information on the moisture condition of the material at the point of measurement.

Reference Mode (Patent Pending)

Digital Mini Reference ModeProtimeters patent pending Reference Mode is particularly useful when there is a need to compare measurements taken at numerous points in a building to a selected reference or baseline value.

The reference is determined by taking a measurement whilst pressing and holding the button for two seconds. The instrument now has two display lines, enabling the user to compare subsequent measurements to the reference that is now stored within the instrument. As shown in the example screen below, assume a reference measurement of 10.0 %WME was measured and stored in the Digital Mini. A subsequent measurement of 18.8 %WME is taken and displayed on the top line and the difference to the reference, + 8.8 %WME, is displayed on the bottom line.

Optional Moisture Probes

  • Hammer Electrodes are used to obtain sub-surface measurements in wood. The heavy duty version is designed for frequent use in both hard and soft woods whereas the light duty version is designed for occasional use in soft woods.
  • Deep Wall Probes are used to obtain measurements at depth in solid and composite walls. Clearance holes need to be drilled in the material to the required depth into which the Deep Wall Probes are inserted. The moisture gradient of the material can be identified by increasing the depths of the holes incrementally and then taking readings.
  • EIFS Probes are ideal for measuring the moisture level within and through Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems types of wall cladding.
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