Seco Sliding Mini Prism Kit
Item code: 5910-06
£ 225.00
(Inc VAT £270.00)
Seco Sliding Mini-prism and Sectional Metric Pole Kit
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This system tilts and slides up and down pin poles
Features a 25-mm, 0 offset silver-coated prism and a high-quality aluminum holder
Site cones double as locks
The prism has a 40-minute adjustable vial
The kit includes four 1-foot (30.5-cm) pole sections each with a 0.50-ft (15.24-cm) mark
Prism includes an adapter so it can be used on any pole or tribrach adapter with 5/8 x 11 threads
A system bag is also included
Metric Graduations
Weighs 1.40 lb (0.63 kg)
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